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Is the Air sender able to transmit the TV signal or record the TV programme?

The Air Sender input interfaces are VGA and 3.5 and output through digital audio, HDMI/RCA/YPbPr ports. As long as the input interfaces meet our spec standard, audio/video signals transmission is possible . TV progamme recording is not available with the current product design.

What if the Air Player fail to connect to Air Tune?

Re-start the Air Tune or follow the correct set up steps to operate the device. Be sure to select the correct AP frenquecy (5G or 2.4G).And make sure the connection setting is correct,please refer to setting procedure to set again if improper

What is the Air sender?

Air Sender is a virtual bridge between your computer and high definition display systems. 
It is a device for  PC to TV wireless audio/video transmission.

What are the features of the Air Sender

Synchronized display, one to multiple broadcasting and long distance transmission.

Under which environments can you use Air Sender?