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What kind of wireless technology does Air Sender use?

WiFi 11n. MIMO dual band technology.Built-in wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n Dual Band 2.4G/5G high speed transmission.

What's the Air keyboard

Air Keyboard is an all-in-one wireless keyboard with integrated mouse control. You can just move Air Keyboard in the air to control the cursor. With the air keyboard, playing PC games, browsing the Internet, and typing emails are wirelessly easy! Simply plug the dongle in to your computer and start using the all-in-one air keyboard

What's the Air Hub

Air Hub is a wireless USB hub with long distance transmission capability. Its signals go beyond restrictions of walled spaces. It's an extensive control interface for every HID input device such as mouse, keyboard, game pad, and other playing tools. 

What is the distance supported by the Air Sender

In open space, up to 100 meter. Indoor space, depends on the environment, approx. 40-50 meters.

What's the wireless technology of the air keyboard.

RF;to be set up according to applicable frequencies for each country before shipping.